Sunday, February 26, 2012


This was a rather popular pin so I thought I'd share it with you non pinners as well. Here's a new medium for a photo album: Etsy seller Beth-tastic (shop now closed), created this hauntingly beautiful piece of jewelry by covering photographs in resin.

The wonder above had me looking for others like it; and I came across a plethora of lovely resin bracelets at the buymycrap Etsy store. I am really digging the the birds on a wire ones below.

EDIT***I was lead to believe that Bethtastic and buymycrap were one in the same store,  but a commenter has informed me that this is NOT true. Please accept my sincere apologies.

Definitely a lesson learned!


  1. I highly suggest you do your research before you post!

    Buy My Crap and Bethtastic are NOT the one and the same, they are entirely separate shops.

    Bethtastic got shut down due to non delivery of items to her customers, which can be seen here in her consolidated feedback:

    I have sent this blog to BuyMyCrap as I think you owe them an apology for claiming something that isn't true.

  2. Hey Rebbeca,

    Thank you for letting me know. I based the post of a comment on the following page; which in hindsight I realize is not the best type of source. I will edit the post & definitely send an apology note. I'm really sorry to have mislead you all.