Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pencil Shavings

Here's a novel subject for design inspiration. Jewelry designer Victoria Mason has created these fun pendants based on the humble and delicate pencil shaving. I love jewelry  inspired by the most unexpected things; so these delicate beauties available in 5 colors at Oye Mordern have shot-up to the top of my wish-list! It's amazing how she has retained the fragile nature of a pencil shaving, regardless of solid sterling silver and enamel composition.


It's a really great gift for anyone artistically inclined! ;)clined ;).

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Embodied Formations

At first glance these images of flowers and butterflies may seem like nothing out of the ordinary, but look closer and you're guaranteed to be mesmerized! Each piece in artist Cecelia Webber's Flower and Butterfly series are a meticulous compilation of countless, photographed and edited, formations of nude human bodies. Cecelia's process includes photographing each pose, rendering and editing the photograph. She also tends to include herself in the composition, by setting the camera on timer. An image can take over two months to complete in relation to the number of precise poses required in each one. 

Talk about optical illusion!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Couture Dummies

I'm in love with these haute couture dress-forms by Emannuel Bossuet in collaboration with vintage mannequin maker: Stockman. Emmanuel Bossuet is a decorative artist and the founder of EEM a design firm geared towards unique projects. From what I have seen from EEM's facebook page, a lot of his work is geometric in nature. A spell-binding monochrome print on a bust-form is a match made in heaven for me; putting my regular black dummy to shame. I wouldn't dare bring a pin within a metre of these beauties, though! Created in limited addition, they have already been acquired by collectors world-wide and the three originals are on display at the Bon Marche department store in Paris. The one on my wishlist is the the stripe detail dress-from with the most amount of black. I think its genius how the placement of the pattern accentuates the contours of the form.


I'm also loving these plates he created for Ascete. The first one reminds me of a spirograph toy I had as a child; which let you make dizzing designs by spinning circles with a pencil. Come to think of it, the toy is probably the reason I am so enamored by geometric patterns today.  

Emannuel Bossuet's work is definitely one I will be following! 

Knit Knacks

I know I have been slacking with my blog posts lately, which I will blame on my new found pass-time: knitting!! :) For a 'maker' like me its seriously addictive, not to mention relaxing. I've only just learnt and I am still figuring out the nuances, but I intend on posting some work once I embark on some legitimate knitting projects.

In the mean-time, I will leave you with a collection of ace cocoon knitwear entitled Unconventional Body Pieces by Vietnamese-Hungarian textile/fashion designer Phoung Thuy Nguyen. Nguyen received considerable amount of press for these handmade knit pieces made solely of rope. All I can ask is HOW??!

On a similar note: How fantastic are these Converse x Missoni SS12 Auckland Racer knit motif kicks?!