Saturday, July 9, 2011

Knit Knacks

I know I have been slacking with my blog posts lately, which I will blame on my new found pass-time: knitting!! :) For a 'maker' like me its seriously addictive, not to mention relaxing. I've only just learnt and I am still figuring out the nuances, but I intend on posting some work once I embark on some legitimate knitting projects.

In the mean-time, I will leave you with a collection of ace cocoon knitwear entitled Unconventional Body Pieces by Vietnamese-Hungarian textile/fashion designer Phoung Thuy Nguyen. Nguyen received considerable amount of press for these handmade knit pieces made solely of rope. All I can ask is HOW??!

On a similar note: How fantastic are these Converse x Missoni SS12 Auckland Racer knit motif kicks?!

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