Saturday, July 9, 2011

Couture Dummies

I'm in love with these haute couture dress-forms by Emannuel Bossuet in collaboration with vintage mannequin maker: Stockman. Emmanuel Bossuet is a decorative artist and the founder of EEM a design firm geared towards unique projects. From what I have seen from EEM's facebook page, a lot of his work is geometric in nature. A spell-binding monochrome print on a bust-form is a match made in heaven for me; putting my regular black dummy to shame. I wouldn't dare bring a pin within a metre of these beauties, though! Created in limited addition, they have already been acquired by collectors world-wide and the three originals are on display at the Bon Marche department store in Paris. The one on my wishlist is the the stripe detail dress-from with the most amount of black. I think its genius how the placement of the pattern accentuates the contours of the form.


I'm also loving these plates he created for Ascete. The first one reminds me of a spirograph toy I had as a child; which let you make dizzing designs by spinning circles with a pencil. Come to think of it, the toy is probably the reason I am so enamored by geometric patterns today.  

Emannuel Bossuet's work is definitely one I will be following! 

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