Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Layered Manipulation

These images by Swedish artist Johan Thörnqvist are one of the most interesting photo-manipulation series I have seen yet! Using a graphics tablet and Photoshop; he creates surreal, dream-like worlds by layering illustration over photograph. Although his cartoon renditions are great; I feel the detailed, multidimensional cityscapes drawn in unexpected contexts and scales are his more exemplary works. I especially love the whimsy and pastel color stories of the last three.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ornamental Origami

The art of Origami has always fascinated me and countless other creatives I suspect. I remember a time in elementary school when I was obsessed with the art form, spending way too much time trying to figure out the tough ones. There's something about taking something 2D and creating a 3D form using only folds and tucks that is engaging in its simplicity. So this line of origami jewelry entitled Origami Jewelry, by Parisian designers Claire Naa and Arnaud Soulignac had to grab my attention. Their pieces are a perfect marriage of Origami and malleable metal!

They also create bracelets, cuff-links, and earrings; but I personally prefer the pendants.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'm not exactly sure why I'm drawn to this image, but it's probably the backdrop of the pale brick wall and door, coupled with styling that combines various retro eras seamlessly. The photo is taken from a shoot of Bird on a Wire's 70's vintage leather skirt pictured in the photograph; as listed on ASOS Marketplace.

All I can say is I'm totally feeling it!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shingo Sato

Having not made anything in a while, left me with designer's block. I was on a hunt for inspiration and came across Shingo Sato's videos on transformational-reconstruction pattern design. It's an intuitive way of going about making patterns, enabling experimentation without the constraints of traditional drafting methods. While the dart manipulation techniques weren't new to me, I was intrigued by the creation of the 3D styles he demonstrated. Shingo Sato has held pattern workshops at some high profile fashion education institutions, introducing students to a fresh way of creating. He also designs for private clientele.

I recommend these videos to anyone remotely interested in how clothes come to life. This isn't the way it's usually done, but is definitely a more fun and inspiring way. You can visit his youtube channel where there are more videos. My favorites are the ones below. Watching them require a bit of patience, but the end result is worth it!!



Shingo Sato's book cover.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Transfigured Terrains

Over a couple of months, I've bookmarked some cool outdoor installations/ landscape art/ environmental art. I thought I'd include them all in one big post. No need too elaborate too much on why or what...sometimes art just is...

First up is 'Colored Pencils' by Jonna Pohjalainen. You can find more pictures of her work on environmentalart.net, a whole site dedicated to Finnish art of this genre. Is it a big thing in Finland??  

I love the whimsy of this one created by Mehmet Ali Usyal for last year's 5 Seasons Festival in Chaudfontaine, Belgium.

My favorite has to be a series of nest-like outdoor installations by artist Patrick Dougherty, created through the span of his career.  He has built more than 200 such sculptures around the World. I was amazed by the sheer size of his work which requires "sticks by the truckload". Its also fascinating how he managed to make organic forms, in natural environments, using a basic of-the-earth material; look so other worldly.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weaving As Protection

Created by Laura Villasenin; Miista is an emerging footwear label based in London's creative-central, Hackney. I came across Miista's web-page towards the end of last year, and fell in love with the development of their huarache inspired style entitled Naia. I was reminded of the label again when I spotted Naia on the Urban Outfitters e-store, and subsequently on super directional Pixie Market

Weaving-as-protection design development

Naia is part of Miista's first season range and naturally, has been the buyers' favorite. I've seen nothing like it and then again it has a comforting familiarity. The best aspect of the style is the usage of cord for the weaving detail. We usually see cord as laces; but it's genius how they have used it as a focal point, interlacing the outer shell of the shoe and continuing on as the fastening. Cord combined with its on-trend silhouette and robust stacked heel, make Naia a best seller!

Miista Naia in sand & grey

Miista Naia in navy; Miista Dax in black

If you have £135 to spare, Naia is available on Miista's e-shop among other stores. Since I'm a flats person more often than not, I'll likely be wearing their cord huarache inspired Dax style.

Another note-worthy design from the range is the Adira, which has been featured with Bora Aksu's AW11/12 collection at London Fashion Week. The combination of leather, see-through mesh, and chunky matte metal buckles make it an edgy urban essential.

Miista on Pixie Market; Miista Adira in black

Its fantastic to see a label in their first season garnering such amazing stockists. I can't wait for their AW11/12 offerings!