Friday, May 6, 2011

Transfigured Terrains

Over a couple of months, I've bookmarked some cool outdoor installations/ landscape art/ environmental art. I thought I'd include them all in one big post. No need too elaborate too much on why or what...sometimes art just is...

First up is 'Colored Pencils' by Jonna Pohjalainen. You can find more pictures of her work on, a whole site dedicated to Finnish art of this genre. Is it a big thing in Finland??  

I love the whimsy of this one created by Mehmet Ali Usyal for last year's 5 Seasons Festival in Chaudfontaine, Belgium.

My favorite has to be a series of nest-like outdoor installations by artist Patrick Dougherty, created through the span of his career.  He has built more than 200 such sculptures around the World. I was amazed by the sheer size of his work which requires "sticks by the truckload". Its also fascinating how he managed to make organic forms, in natural environments, using a basic of-the-earth material; look so other worldly.