Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weaving As Protection

Created by Laura Villasenin; Miista is an emerging footwear label based in London's creative-central, Hackney. I came across Miista's web-page towards the end of last year, and fell in love with the development of their huarache inspired style entitled Naia. I was reminded of the label again when I spotted Naia on the Urban Outfitters e-store, and subsequently on super directional Pixie Market

Weaving-as-protection design development

Naia is part of Miista's first season range and naturally, has been the buyers' favorite. I've seen nothing like it and then again it has a comforting familiarity. The best aspect of the style is the usage of cord for the weaving detail. We usually see cord as laces; but it's genius how they have used it as a focal point, interlacing the outer shell of the shoe and continuing on as the fastening. Cord combined with its on-trend silhouette and robust stacked heel, make Naia a best seller!

Miista Naia in sand & grey

Miista Naia in navy; Miista Dax in black

If you have £135 to spare, Naia is available on Miista's e-shop among other stores. Since I'm a flats person more often than not, I'll likely be wearing their cord huarache inspired Dax style.

Another note-worthy design from the range is the Adira, which has been featured with Bora Aksu's AW11/12 collection at London Fashion Week. The combination of leather, see-through mesh, and chunky matte metal buckles make it an edgy urban essential.

Miista on Pixie Market; Miista Adira in black

Its fantastic to see a label in their first season garnering such amazing stockists. I can't wait for their AW11/12 offerings!


  1. they a are greaaaat1!!!And your blog is great! u have a new follower!!!


  2. I am so obsessed with these, they are so gorgeous for summer!

    xo Lynzy

  3. @ Lynzy...also great for air circulation ;)!