Monday, October 31, 2011

Scrap Metal Curiosities

Haribaabu Naatesan is a home-grown artist who turns E-waste into intricate engineered sculptures. 

I'm increasingly drawn to art inspired by mechanical objects, and Haribaabu's work is my current fixation.

The auto-rickshaw is a common subject in Desi popular culture, often featuring in artwork. His depictions of the vehicle are the best I have seen yet!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bahasa Pilotto

I was immediately drawn to the prints and textile choices at the Peter Pilotto SS12 show. The first thought I had was that these enigmatic linear prints closely resembled the style of Indonesian Batik.

The duo were in fact inspired by their recent trip to Indonesia, and we can see hints of the country in their collection. If I were to imagine what elements of their trip influenced their collection; I'd say that the prints were inspired by Batiks and touristy island culture, the lace came from the top half of the traditional costume, and the scuba silhouettes were inspired by the vast diving sites surrounding the islands.

My favorite part of the collection is the way the printed body-con bodices are woven to contour the frame. I love how all elements have come together, to fit ideally into a modern wardrobe. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

70's Bloom

My days have been really full up over last month or so. Work and then a work related trip to Cape Town left me little time or mental energy to put together any posts. I'm still catching up on the SS12 collections.

Summer's over now that the big fashion weeks have come and gone. I can't believe that we are heading into  Autumn. The Seventies were a big inspiration for me this season, a sort of refined flower power aesthetic. Daisies & Dandelions dancing with the wind in faraway fields, perfectly depicts my frame of mind over the past several months.

Images pulled from all over the web.
Here's an excerpt from an SS11 design project I did for my portfolio a while ago, entitled 70's Bloom. If you are interested in seeing anymore of my creative exploits, you can find them here. A direct link will follow shortly, on the side bar.

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Cape Town by the way is an amazing city. I really hope to visit again for leisure in the future.