Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kaleidoscopic Temari

While browsing through Etsy recently, I was introduced to a brilliant Japanese folk art at Julie and Co's shop. Brought over from China over 500 years ago, Temari balls or Gotenmari have evolved into a traditional Japanese craft; and requires definitive training and tests to become a recognized artisan in Japan. Historically they were a toy made by grandmothers for children using old kimono fabric, but are now a decorative and detailed art-form  cherished as gifts. They would be great as Christmas ornaments and household decorations, and smaller versions could be used to make super cool jewelery! I found myself marveling at the kaleidoscope like, geometric symmetry of these embroidered balls and went on a hunt for more.

On Etsy, I find that Julie and Co's shop have the most lovely variety of Temari balls.

I also came across a wealth of fantastic Temari designs on flickr...

Photo credit: Rali
Photo credits (left to right both rows): Oksanka; Julieandco; Raboutique; Oksanka; TheArtificer; Julieandco
Photo credits (left to right): Oksanka; Oksanka; Rali
Photo credits (left to right both rows): Julieandco; Julieandco; Julieandco; TheArtificer; CraftyPanties; CraftyPanties
Photo credits (left to right both rows): Oksanka; HandyAnn; Julieandco; Rali; Wklager; Wklager

There are unending design possibilities with Temari balls; and I'm itching to try my hand at making one.

Here's to Japanese ingenuity!


  1. Did you start your adventure into temari making yet? It's so much fun, and very addicting.

  2. Not yet, need to buy the kit online somewhere...I can imagine it being very additive!! :)