Thursday, April 14, 2011


I came across these WTF posters by Argentinian design studio Minga a while ago, and put them up on facebook for my graphic design friends. I still find them rather amusing so I thought I'd share them with you all.

What makes these posters effective is the simplicity of their design. A few contrasting colors, coupled with basic graphic silhouettes create a memorable impact.

I think they are all funny, but the one that stands out to me is the Giraffe-in-the-Savannah as it is reminiscent of the Tinga-Tinga paintings I loved whilst growing up in Tanzania.

Hope you have a chuckle or two!


  1. These posters are super kool!! i like your blog..following it!!follow back?

  2. i laughed at these. there great. thanks for sharing them. i have just started following this blog. please have a look at mine, and follow if u like it thanks. ^___^

  3. Lol, probably the most recurrent word in my vocab :p

    Funny images! :)