Thursday, August 4, 2011


I know its been a while since I last posted, so apologies to those devoted readers out there - if any. I've just started a job and I'm not finding the time to be as reflective as I'd like with the blog. I've been meaning to share a ton of wonderful things and I've decided I will simply reduce the word count until I get used to the looong hours.

So without further's an editorial after my own heart: I'm loving the multitude of contrasts in these images created by photographer Gui Paganini and stylist Renata Correa for the June issue of Brazilian Mag: Criativa.  There's hyper-color against monochrome, modern city styling combined with traditional elements. And crisp minimalist fabrics against more rustic motifs. Not to mention, superb juxtapositions of geometry :)!

There couldn't have been a better title then Borderless for this editorial. What a fitting rendition of this century's globe-trotting nomads!

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