Saturday, February 26, 2011

Urban Tribe

Proenza Schouler is the top label in my New York chart from the AW11-12 fashion week season. The designer duo always manage to astound me with their incredibly beautiful and directional, yet wearable collections. This time has been no different. They were inspired by Native American culture, but nothing in the collection was a cliche. Infact if they hadn't disclosed their inpiration, I would have never guessed.

Their AW 11-12 collection was texture rich... featuring a variety of bold fabric choices including jaquard, leather and velvet. Black as the only neutral added the right cosmopolitan balance to the otherwise vivid color palette. 

My favorite piece is this chevron velvet dress in an ideal midi length. The simplicity of it's cut coupled with brilliantly manipulated velvet is just perfect! 

Chevron velvet peg leg trousers & Chevron velvet midi dress

A lot of my other choice looks were also in velvet....its the first time I've seen the fabric used in such a creative and modern way; that despite the bright colors, makes the pieces timeless. I'm swooning over the devore detail on these velvet dresses:

More velvet dresses!

Devore (burn-out) detail
The experimentation in peek-a-bo cut-outs added dimensional depth to the collection.


LEATHER! A material that has been featuring on a lot of catwalks for AW11-12, was used in such a wonderful and 'easy' way. Black leather definitely added an urban edge to the collection. Love the leather T-shirts, and especially love it used as binding on this half-peplum shaped dress.

Leather T with vivid separates, Peplumish dress, Close-up of leather binding detail

I can't wait to see how high-street retailers translate this collection for us common folk! :D


  1. Wow,love the detailing on all the outfits :)

  2. ahh this is great paisa! and i was excited to realize i had learned how to do devore :P

  3. Hey Toya! Thank you for your comment! Your would be the first! :D
    Do you write a blog too?

  4. Megs! Did you actually DO devore in your classes? Its quite the health hazard you know!
    I am happy you could relate!

  5. I'm not a big fan of velvet,not quite sure why but designed and made this way is not that bad.

  6. Haha yes I DID devore! we had to wear masks and/or bodysuits to do it! it was really cool!

  7. @M: Historically, I haven't been a fan of velvet either...but I think its becoming increasingly relevant. I love it best in small doses...i.e...velvet bows, binding, trims....

    @Megha: How cool! Im soo jealous! I would have loved to try my hand at might have to give me details of this course.