Thursday, March 24, 2011

Loves Me Not

I'm loving this Loves Me Loves Me Not table by Cape Town based designers John Vogel and Justin Plunkett. The Vogel Living Design table comprises of 8 petal shaped side tables that when put together make-up an entire flower. I think its a wonderful idea conceptually, but what would One do with 8 side tables?

Vogel Living Design has some other superb, beautifully finished furniture; that 'embodies a South African vernacular'. 
Furniture by Vogel Living Design

What I love about the pieces is that they have traditional elements but would fit well in a contemporary home.


  1. love it!!! i want the loves me not one!!!!!!

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  3. Very original, beautiful pieces! Love this post! Thank you so much for visiting my blog:)


  4. These are so great pieces and I also like the fact that I can see some tradition. Gives me some inspiration to go out and buy some new pieces. Just have to find the

  5. The Loves-me, loves-me-not table is great but you're right 8 side tables will just make the room look stuffy! :)

  6. Great pieces ... but 8 side tables ... Hmmm the only use I can find it is when someone hosts a big party? At other times use it as a center table as a complete flower? May be ;)

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